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Borrowing media

How long and how many?

Media type loan period possible extensions
of loan period
console games 1 week 3
magazines 2 weeks 3
CD-ROM / PC games 2 weeks 3
DVD / Blu-Ray 2 weeks 3
CDs, Tonie figures, Daisy audiobooks 2 weeks 3
ebooks up to 3 weeks 0
books 4 weeks 3
ereader, tiptoi pen, Tonie Box 4 weeks 0
notes 4 weeks 3
instruments (ukulele, cajon, rhythm set) 4 weeks 0
board games 4 weeks 1
paintings 3 months 3

There are borrowing limits for console games (max 5) and paintings (max 10).

What do you need?

  • your valid library card


  • Main library
  • Music library
  • Mobile library
  • District libraries North, South, West
  • digitally wherever you are – go to Onleihe or OverDrive

via the

  • circulation desk in your library
  • self-lending machines in the Main library, in the Music library and in the District library West

Note: We want our media to be in a good condition for you to borrow them.

Please check the media you want to borrow prior to borrowing it, also check that nothing is missing. If something is missing or is in poor condition, please report this at the circulation desk. Otherwise we will assume that the books or media were in good condition when you borrowed them.

When you return the books or media and we see that they are damaged or dirty or pen-marked, you are liable to pay damages (on the basis of the current library regulations). If you have lost a book or medium, please inform us.